Biaxial Winding High Speed slitting Rewinding Machine

Biaxial Winding High Speed slitting Rewinding Machine


Product Description

Our company products "biaxial winding high speed slitting rewinding machine", it is one kind of high performance "cutting and rewinding equipment" with completely PLC control (Programmable Logic Controller).
User-friendly interface and it is completed cutting and rewinding by "Mill Roll stand (the multi-point brake system), hydraulic correct side of the system, the tension control system, the middle drive system, slitting device, servo drive winding system, to complete slitting, rewinding work.

This equipment is suitable for large size of trimming, cutting and rewinding such as coated paper, kraft paper, glass paper, coated white board and related PVC material.


Product Specifications
max.width of unwinding 1400mm 1700mm
max.diameter of unwinding 1650mm 1650mm
max.siameter of rewinding 1650mm 1650mm
width of slitting 30~1400mm 30~1700mm
basis weight for paper 35~480g/m² 35~480g/m²
prceision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
slitting speed 10-350m/min 10-350m/min
total power 50kw 50kw
limited weight of unwinding 3T 3T