Industrial PE Laminating, Sheet Lamination Machine Manufacturer

Industrial PE Laminating, Sheet Lamination Machine Manufacturer


Product Description

High Speed Laminating Machine

  • PLC controls tugging action of the whole laminating machine. Besides, the computer algorithm controls extrusion capacity of T-DIE automatically and changes tugging action with line speed.
  • Input uses double shafts of the industrial lamination machine. It can detect the rest of paper automatically and warn in advance. When the paper roll is going to finish, the system will cut and receive the other paper roll automatically.
  • The advantages of laminating machines are high efficiency, high quantity of output, low failure rate and high quality humanity operation interface.
  • Main Equipments of PE Lamination Machine:
    1. Mill Roll Stand
    2. Auto Splicer
    3. Corona Treater
    4. Extruder
    5. T-DIE
    6. Cooling System
    7. Gravimetric Blenders
Product Specifications

Industrial Laminating Machine

laminating method single side/double side single side/double side
laminating width 800~1500mm 800~1800mm
laminating thickness 0.012~0.04mm 0.012~0.04mm
extrusion resin PE PE
max.extrusion capacity 400kg/hr 400kg/hr
line speed 150~250m/min 150~250m/min