High Speed Cutting Machine


Product Description

CT Series the company produced high speed drum cutting machine. This machine is a high-performance cutting equipment, through computer control and mechanical technology perfect combination, the machine makes the operation more simple, maintenance easier, the whole machine adopt PLC control, plus flying shear system, ensure that the mechanical operation at high speed, maintaining cutting accuracy and mechanical stability.


Product Specifications
Max.width of cutting 1400mm 1700mm
Cut-off accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Max.design speed 300m/min(450sheets/min) 300m/min(450sheets/min)
Cut-off length range 460~1370mm 460~1370mm
Cutter load 550g/m² 550g/m²
Pile height 1350mm 1350mm
Thickness scope 60~550gsm 60~550gsm
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 10500x3800x2150 10500x4100x2150